Metal Spinning Lathe

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Metal Spinning Lathe

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We hope to find a buyer who will become our spinnings supplier!  We still need spinnings for boiler hoods, stack caps, engine cylinder covers, etc., but it’s a question of space and time….  

This lathe is the essence of a lucrative niche business to supply universities, prototype builders, musical instrument repairers, lamp designers, etc.—someone with zeal, strong spine, and mental/manual acuity can make good money doing an essential niche craft.  

Particulars: Distance between centers: 50+ inches. Riser blocks are included that increase capacity to 36+” diameter.  Motor: 2 HP single phase repulsion/induction.  Spindle threads: 1-5/8" - 8.  Spindle has left hand threads outside end of headstock, also.

Essentially, a spinning lathe is a huge "wood lathe" because "chucks" (the forms on which metal is spun) are traditionally made of rock maple. Micarta, steel, and other materials can also be used for chucks.

Images show the lathe and "stakes" (the tools that impinge on the spinning metal.)  For illustration, Elliott Bay boiler hoods and funnel crowns are shown.  

This lathe is big (7' long) and heavy (1900 lbs).


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