Stuart 6A Marine Engine Castings

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Stuart 6A Marine Engine Castings

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Stuart 6A Compound Castings

HP 2-1/2” x LP 4” x  Stroke 3”

Finished Engine Dimensions: 20” High x 15” Wide x 18” Long

Unlike 6A castings from Stuart Models, today, these kits include the crankshaft.

This simple, wholly British marine engine design is an enlarged version of Stuart’s model-size engines, yet it can power the Elliott Bay 23-foot hull, for example, at design speed.

Its simplicity is attractive, and it can be machined in a straightforward manner, even by novice machinists. Provided, however, they have sufficiently large machine tools, beyond model making sizes. (Suggested machine capacity: Lathe, D >10” and Vertical mill, X >16” x Y >6” x Z > 6”) To build this engine is to embrace on a pleasant voyage, provided basic understanding of geometric and tolerance rules.

Tooling and Fixtures are also For Sale: For builders who want an additional adventure, we are selling the tooling and fixtures made by William Vaughan who produced these engines in quantity, after he retired from Boeing as a master tool & die maker. (His career began with B-17s and ended with 747s!) His tooling & fixtures provide part holding, essential for one-off machining or multiples, and for accurate repeatability. Unique to this tooling, fixtures for making the crankshaft are also included.  (Crankshafts are not supplied by Stuart.)  See additional listing: “6A Tooling.”

Take over as the "go-to" machinist for 6A engines--and provide machine services to other 6A owners.  Many more 6A casting kits have been sold than completed….

Both castings and tooling are being sold by Elliott Bay Steam Launch Co. who wants to focus on their own engine castings kits.

Multiple castings kits are available.

The green engine image shows the castings in-process, with pump parts yet to be machined.  Other images show all the parts laid out piece by piece, as they are crated for shipment from our shop. The price is without freight cost; you pay freight separately to carrier.

Drawings: In addition to the Stuart drawings, these include drawings for raising the engine columns, an improvement adopted by Alex Ritchie of Wrabness, Conrad Watney of Seattle, and many others.

$3200. Shipping weight, 325 lbs.


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