2 1/2" scale Narrow Gauge D&RG Class1 Bobber Caboose Project

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2 1/2" scale Narrow Gauge D&RG Class1 Bobber Caboose Project

$975.00 & Local pickup only.
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  • Craftsman level project
  • Mostly complete
  • Many parts included to complete caboose
  • Documentation on D&RG Class 1 Caboose included

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2 1/2" Scale Narrow Gauge D&RG Class 1 Caboose Project

D&RG Class 1 Caboose
Dimensions:  21" wide, 31" tall, 52"  long  

This is a craftsman level project.


Frame, welded steel construction, painted black

2 axle, independent sprung wheelsets.  1" diameter steel axles, painted black.  Four (4) 6" diameter, 1 1/4" thick RMI flat back steel wheels mounted on axles, painted  black

Roller bearings on axles in journal boxes suspended on springs in RMI cast pedestals, painted black

Suspension is all complete and installed in frame.   Caboose is mounted on frame and is free rolling

Siding is high quality 1/2" thick birch plywood with siding grooved

Detailed doors, door frames, and window frames.

Windows are plexiglass, installed

Roof is covered with black canvas impregnated with fiberglass gel making roof waterproof

Interior is painted in traditional light green

Cupola is removable for easy access to interior space in caboose body


Finish and attach wooden end beams.  Rough cut oak end beams included

Attach end platforms (included)

Finish and attach cosmetic equalizer bars and hangers (rough cut cold rolled steel cosmetic equalizer bars and hangers included)

Fabricate and attach hand rails and grab rails (not included)

Fabricate and attach steps on both end platforms (not included)

Add couplers (not included)

Add detail parts (many detail parts included, listed below)

Paint and letter caboose


  2 caboose side lights wired for 6 to 12 volts, bulbs included.   3 lenses on each side light (red facing rear and green facing side and front).  These were sold by ByteRails and retailed at $ 250.

  2 mounting brackets for the side lights

  2 RMI cast aluminum D&RG brake wheels

  2 cast plastic brake ratchets

  2 cast plastic brake ratchet pawls

  8 cast plastic truss rod washers, letters D&RG cast on surface of washers

  1 cast plastic cosmetic brake retainer valve

2 pages detailing the history and variations of the Denver and Rio Grand (D&RG) Class 1 Narrow Gauge Caboose

5 pages of detailed drawings of the D&RG Class 1 Caboose

Quick Pic Book, Denver and Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Class 1 Caboose, 16' Body, Numbered 1-88,
Era 1871-1914. By Mike Conder, Cameron Turner, and Tim Mulina.  Color photos on front and back covers.  54 pages of captioned  black and white photos detailing interior and exterior views.   Many photos have yardstick in photo for size reference.
  Table of Contents
    A Brief History
    Exterior Overview
    Trucks & Underframe

I am getting older and have come to the realization that with other projects, interests, and commitments, I will never complete the caboose.

Price $ 975
Located in Central Texas, between Austin and San Antonio

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