1.5" Scale 7.5" Gauge complete railroad: Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Spare parts, Rail

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1.5" Scale 7.5" Gauge complete railroad: Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Spare parts, Rail

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  • Every thing you need to start a 7.5" gauge railroad. Just add ties.

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The Dry Creek & Luebo Railway, originally established in 1953 is being abandoned.  The locomotives and rolling stock have been stored under cover.  Condition of items is noted.  The asking price reflects the current condition.

Items included:
* Li'l Gasser locomotive. Good condition – Starts and runs well.  Some paint abraded off, and some surface rust on unpainted areas.
* Flatcar. Very nice metal frame flatcar on sprung trucks, and I believe they are roller bearing.  One of the deck boards is sprung a little bit.
* Caboose. Nice little caboose on 4 wheel sprung truck.  Some finish work completed on interior.  Roof is removable, but is in poor condition.  Existing roof can be used as template for new roof.
* Electric locomotive, homebuilt. Needs work.  There is no bodywork, and no battery.  12 volt motor probably operates okay, but the electrical controls need some diagnostic work and repairs.  Ran great at one time so could be fixable.  If nothing else, the trucks are worth something.
* Five pair of trucks (two are pictured).
     - First pair (pictured). Surface rust.  Nicely detailed sprung trucks with working journal box covers.
     - Second pair (pictured). Surface rust. Sprung trucks.  Remnant of past car installation still attached.  
     - Third through fifth pair (not pictured). All unsprung.  All have surface rust.  Two pair painted green.  One of the trucks rolls a little stiff and probably just needs lubrication.
* Flatcar. Originally built as a boxcar, but box was removed.  Deck could use some work.  This is functional with unsprung basic trucks.
* Flatcar. Car is mostly poor condition.  However running gear including unsprung trucks, a braking system, and couplers are not too bad.

Unpictured items:
* Car parts. 4 couplers with brackets and one brake wheel.  Surface rust.
* Gas locomotive. Constructed of steel.  Intended to mimic a geared steam locomotive though is set up for gas engine.  Engine has not run for a long time, so unsure if it will work.  In any case, the drivetrain is partially disassembled.
* Handcar. This is in poor condition.  It was home built, but there were no bearings used on rotating wear surfaces so this would need a full rebuild.  However, some parts are probably salvageable.
* Rail.  Have over 1,500 feet of aluminum rail and some additional steel rail.  Over 1,200 feet of the aluminum rail is in pieces with a minimum usable length of 9'8".  Some of it is straight, and some curved.  To avoid work hardening the rail, I did not straighten the curved pieces.  All rail is in good, but dirty condition.  The steel rail has rust, mostly surface rust.  Also included are some frogs and switchstands. There is enough rail here to lay over 1/10 of an actual mile of track, or over one full scale mile of track.  

There may be a few other odds and ends that will be included.

I don't have a good way to ship this, so it will need to be picked up in Modesto in Northern California.  I can help load, but will need at least one other able-bodied person to make it happen.  Some of the items are fairly heavy.

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