18" gauge trucks

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18" gauge trucks

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For sale I have 3 trucks that appear to have been made for a set of articulated cars. The wheels are about 3-3/4" in diameter with a roughly 1" tread. The spacing between the bolster pins is 12". Overall truck length is about 21" The wheels are gauged to about 17-1/4" so these were probably made for an 18" gauge operation. Some of the wheels do have some grooving in them but nothing that would affect operation or integrity. All wheels turn freely and the rollers that the car rides on are free as well. You could probably cut the frames to regauge them if you wanted, they are well built and fairly heavy. I would prefer a local pickup but if they need to be shipped I can figure out the shipping cost to add on at that time. I am located in Sterling, IL


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