CAD Drawings for the Live Steam Hobby (on USB Flash Drive)

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CAD Drawings for the Live Steam Hobby (on USB Flash Drive)

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  • Contains 109 CAD drawings in pdf format.
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  • Each Drawing is Fully Dimensioned! All Necessary Detail is shown.
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This drive contains the following:

7 Flat Car Drawings.  
The first is a "truss rod" pre-war design, all wooden construction. The next 3 use oak decking with stake pockets (see stake pocket drawing listed below). They are 44", 5' (flat car 2) and 6'(flatcar) long. Then an all steel "drop center" using tube steel weldment design (drop center flat car II). A 16 wheel pre war west coast car designed for heavy loads on light rail (16 wheel flat car). Finally, a early 20th. century car made from steel and wood .
2 Pickle Car Drawings.  
One car is a wooden design from the early 1900's and the other is mostly metal car from a Wisconsin railroad in the mid 1900's
2 Stock Car Drawings.  
One is a wooden car on steel channel construction. It's an open top cattle car (open top stock car) used out west in the late 1800's on narrow gauge lines. The other
cattle car is all wood on a metal frame (cattle car).
2 Gravel Car Drawings.  
Heavy plate steel car to haul and hand shovel gravel (trucks under box) (MoW gravel car). The other car is also heavy and has a low center of gravity as the trucks are on the ends (gravel car).
Engineer's Car Drawing  
This engineer's riding car is coupled to and is supported by the locomotive. The rear sits on an
archbar truck
Over 20 Switch Stand Drawings.  
Drawings include "Harp" stands (#8 harp switch). Some stands are made using angle iron, some square tube.  Also a ground throw 2, 3 pt stub, Cleveland stand, Co218, ground steel Iowa, switch stand, switch neponset, swing switch stand, ground throw 3, switch stand 2, switch strand, switch stand 3, switch stand 4, switch stand iii, switch stand ii)
Freight Platform Drawing.  
Elevated trackside structure over 6 feet long to allow direct access to flat and box cars.
Janet's House Drawing.  
This trackside structure is a two story farm house.
"Out House" Drawing.  
This necessary structure is a must on every railroad.
Baggage Cart Drawing.  
A wheeled trackside baggage carrier.
My Own "Arch Bar" truck design.  
2 Steel Gondolas  
These are my versions of all steel gondola cars generally made during the 1920's.  I made mine using the steel shapes you should be able to purchase locally.
big blue gondola
Chlorine Car.  
This WWI style flat car carried large chlorine tanks fastened to the deck at right angles to the direction of travel.
Hook Car.  
This is a scale model of the Fairmont W4 Hand Crank Derrick car circa 1920s. It is a fully functional model of the early MoW crane pulled by a speeder and was rated at 2,000 pounds. Lots of details
4 Hopper Cars
Hopper car with do doors on the bottom, but high sides to carry any type of load.  Ore car scaled appropriately from a NG ore car.  Sand and gravel car, Can be used to carry a child or two, 19th Century design. MOW side tip car  based upon an engraving in a book first published in 1879 using modern steel shapes. Yes this car works, 'cause mine does!
Logging Caboose  
On the logging railroads everything needed to be carrying equipment and supplies back to camp. In this situation they needed a caboose also; taking an old small flat car they added a shed, of sorts, and now we have a logging caboose that can carry cargo as well.
Logging Car
Skeleton cars are easy to build, can carry shortened fence posts for "logs" or stack pvc pipe on ‘em to represent "big pipe" loads. This plan calls for arch bar trucks but you can substitute other trucks and still be prototypical.  These cars were used up into the 1940s.
Mill Car
Complete with an oak deck and stake pockets, circa 1900s.
I made this drawing based upon an engraving in a book first published in 1879 using modern steel shapes. This car will carry a little over 100 pounds of gravel and will dump it next to but not on your tacks. Yes this car works, 'cause mine does!
MOW Friend
Pulled by modern MoW track laying equipment, this makes a neat looking utility car on 1/8th scale track; used to carry all kinds of track maintenance tools.
Ore Car
Scaled appropriately from a NG ore car; however, I have seen cars not unlike this one on 1870 and 1880s wide gage short line railroads in northern Illinois.
Polling Car
Taken from an early PRR prototypical plans tracing, this car was pulled by both steam and electric loco in the switch yard to make up a string of cars.
Rail n Tie Car
This car with its two decks will carry rail on the lower deck and with the work shed on top there is room for several steel banded loads of 1/8th size crossties.
Steel Box Car
A scale copy of early steel outside frame boxcar, pre-WWI, first ones (as does this one) used arch bar trucks.
orr car
Gallows Turntable
A 19th Century NG turntable and designed this 10’ long 1/8th scale model, fully functional for my home track.
Fire Hose Shed
Probably a leftover from the live steam days, this will make a good addition to your rail yard.
Fuel Dock
This model uses a fiber glass tank from a water softener to store diesel fuel for the Diesel Locos.
LeHigh Truck
This is a weldment using ¼" plat steel, cheap to fabricate if you can weld and looks ok, simple single bolt action.
Load Binder Half
These are needed to secure your loads on flat cars or logging cars. Make them by the pairs.
Swing Bridge
Made from salvaged 8" I-beams from an old highway truss bridge.
Switchman's House
A trackside structure at 3"-1’ scale.
Simple Truck Model
Works well, has no springs but does equalize well on uneven track.
Chain Tightener
Used to fasten logs; make a pair of them.
Couple Pocket Detail
A way of attaching your coupler to a loco. I use this on the front of my diesel switcher.
Couple Pocket Plate
Coupler Pocket: plate – uses angle iron and can be bolted onto C-Channel construction ends.
Hayes Bumper
Made from ¼" steel and scrap C-Channel, will take about an hour to make and install on the end of a track section.
CB&Q Caboose
This is a Narrow Gauge late 1800s wooden 2 axle caboose
"T" style Passenger Riding Car  
This six foot car will fit into the back of a pickup truck; a modified "T" passenger car with a drop center.
3-in-1 Car
A flat car, riding car and box car all in one. There are several variations here you can use to built this combination car, I have drawn this design using mostly steel in fabricating the flat car, “T” passenger car and box car.
Plywood Gondola
A simple design that can haul passengers or gravel with equal ease.
Side Door Wooden Caboose
A narrow gauge side door wooden caboose from 1880s.
Corrugated steel boxcar
This is a design that one car company used between 1900 and WWI. I ordered some steel from a washboard outfit and came up with this model.
Covered bridge
I needed to shoot over a dip in the ground and make a slight curve. This will be fun having this covered bridge in that location for both the engineer and passengers.
Grade Crossing
How to build a grade crossing that will handle large truck loading any time of the year.
Engineer's Car
For those who need a two truck engineer's car.
Low Side Gondola
Low Sided Gon Cars were used on short lines where they used manpower to shovel coal from the ground into the gon car and then from the gon car into the tender. Used this way before the Depression.
2 Mystery Switches
A 50' and 60' radius wiggle switch with #6 frogs.
Oyster Car
Stillwell Oyster Cars were used to carry live oysters from the Gulf to Kansas City, MO.
3 Coupler Pocket Designs
I needed to allow my cars go through some of my tight track radii, here are several drawings for building coupler pockets.



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